Modeling the Bones for Massive LEGO Sculptures

March 13, 2018

At Bright Bricks, more than 30 LEGO brick artists spend their days building life-size LEGO brick models for businesses, museums and traveling exhibits, among others.

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Identical Twins

September 17, 2017

A digital twin models the robotic line with such high fidelity, the engineer can do all this in the virtual world. After adjusting the model’s profiles and operating parameters, the engineer simply exports the profiles and parameters to the control system of the physical equipment. It should run perfectly the first time.

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Tests Reveal New Pipeline Can Withstand Strong Earthquakes

August 16, 2016

Using a simulated earthquake, Cornell has determined that a new type of earthquake-resilient utility pipe destined for Los Angeles is ready for the next big disaster.

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Modeling Cell Mechanics: A Step Toward a Cancer Cure?

August 3, 2016

To investigate biological systems with a mechanical engineering approach, researchers are creating computerized mathematical models that have the potential to explain the mechanics of cancer: what sparks it, how and why it spreads, and the mechanisms that feed it

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The Art and Practice of Engineering Products for the “Bottom Billion”

October 1, 2015

First world engineers must keep perspectives’ of developing nations in mind when designing products for use in those countries.

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