Recent Work

The Vision for Robotic Vision

Not only are vision-assisted robots taking on new manufacturing jobs such as quality control, precision manufacturing and product sorting, they’re also playing a role in human-robot collaboration. In the not-too-distant future, vision could aid in machine learning for applications that call for robotic intelligence.

How construction firms are integrating new technology into their workflow

With the Internet of Things set to return an explosion in data, construction firms are implementing technology ahead of the curve, to analyze and make sense of the feedback.

Common Myths Around ADA — And What Really Matters

Despite the length of time it’s been around, there are still several misconceptions about the Americans With Disabilities Act. We’d like to clear up a few common sources of confusion around the ADA.

Collaborating in the Cloud

Several factors are driving the swelling interest in collaborative technologies—as well as the need for business leaders to helm decision-making on which technology to choose. Enabling team members to efficiently communicate and coordinate efforts and to offer feedback is quickly becoming a competitive imperative.

Tests Reveal New Pipeline Can Withstand Strong Earthquakes

Using a simulated earthquake, Cornell has determined that a new type of earthquake-resilient utility pipe destined for Los Angeles is ready for the next big disaster.

Modeling Cell Mechanics: A Step Toward a Cancer Cure?

To investigate biological systems with a mechanical engineering approach, researchers are creating computerized mathematical models that have the potential to explain the mechanics of cancer: what sparks it, how and why it spreads, and the mechanisms that feed it

The Art and Practice of Engineering Products for the “Bottom Billion”

First world engineers must keep perspectives' of developing nations in mind when designing products for use in those countries.