Recent Work

Tomorrow House

When home designers of yesteryear predicted the future, they told us mostly about the times in which they lived. And so it goes today.

Challenges in Glaucoma Therapy

Poor patient compliance and inadequate control of IOP impeded successful treatment.

The Model of Good Health

Medical device makers are putting advanced modeling, simulation, and analysis software to use in innovative ways, including creating models of the human anatomy that can be used to test new technologies.

Industrial Internet of Things: Empowering Big-Time Energy Savings

By operating across several machines and sensor types, Internet of Things can draw from aggregate data conclusions that can’t be drawn from local data. This real-time information allows for action in addition to analysis, as the right expert can look at the data given and respond to find energy-draining culprits and a list of other money-saving opportunities.

Bluegreen Vacations: Using Speech Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Bluegreen Vacations saw spikes in call volume it couldn’t predict. Finding the reasons behind those spikes could help the company better meet vacation condo owners’ needs. The company implemented speech analytics to explain sudden upticks in the number of calls.

2D to 3D Models: Entering the Third Dimension

As you’ve likely heard or read, the construction industry is in a state of transformation: from flat to fat; from two to three dimensions.

Modeling the Bones for Massive LEGO Sculptures

At Bright Bricks, more than 30 LEGO brick artists spend their days building life-size LEGO brick models for businesses, museums and traveling exhibits, among others.

Connectors in the Nuclear Zone

Radiation-proof connectors allow robots to work in places where humans cannot safely tread.

Identical Twins

A digital twin models the robotic line with such high fidelity, the engineer can do all this in the virtual world. After adjusting the model’s profiles and operating parameters, the engineer simply exports the profiles and parameters to the control system of the physical equipment. It should run perfectly the first time.

The 2017 Speech Implementation Awards: Nebraska Medicine

Nebraska Medicine has begun introducing doctors to Nuance Communications’ Dragon Medical One, an enterprise-wide, cloud-enabled voice recognition platform; PowerMic Mobile, which enables physicians to use their mobile devices to dictate notes.

7 Principles to Guide Your Healthcare Organization Through Change

For those within the healthcare industry, embarking on a major change initiative may feel daunting, but successful improvement yields a range of benefits. Here, we guide you through some change-management best practices.

Next Gen Controllers: Secure by Design

Industrial controllers are being redesigned with security in mind. But most automation suppliers still have to contend with their legacy control systems, relying primarily on network approaches to security.